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Rediscovering the British Seaside Holiday

Why do we love to be beside the seaside? With the pandemic, cancelled flights, and queues at Dover, it's no wonder our rekindled love affair with the British seaside holiday continues.

A staycation is definitely not a consolation prize either. All I need is a quiet spot by the water, with the company of a good book, and I can feel the stress of everyday life melting away.

Abundant Coastline

Eternally popular seaside destinations such as Bournemouth and Blackpool offer the traditional bucket and spade experience. Perhaps you might feel the lure of the dramatic shores of Pembrokeshire instead. You could tread in the footsteps of giants on Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast or enjoy the refined charm of Whitstable.

Wales already has established extensive coastal paths, and England is also working to connect a trail around its shores. Further stretches of the England Coast Path have recently opened, with more to follow.

OK, so the British waters might be a tad more bracing than the Med, but there’s something about that first gasp as the chilly water grazes your toes and your feet sink into the wet sand. Surrender to it and become caught up in the childlike delight of jumping the waves as they roll in.

Wildlife Wonders

Every region of the British coast has a rich array of ocean life, mammals and sea birds. If you’re holidaying in Norfolk, you might spot seals basking on the beaches. Resident puffins enchant visitors to Northumberland's Farne Islands. The western isles of Scotland offer the chance to glimpse the white-tailed eagle, plus it's an excellent location for spotting whales and dolphins.

Rock pooling is a great activity for introducing children to nature. While away a couple of hours surveying all manner of fish, crabs and critters in these fascinating habitats.


Britain's culinary offering has come a long way since its once mediocre reputation. As holidaymakers seek a quality gastro experience, restauranteurs are keen to meet the demand.

Sometimes though, simplicity wins. What could be better than eating fish and chips on the promenade, followed by a 99 Flake ice cream? Yes, there’s the added jeopardy of a seagull vying for your chips. But, the intoxicating combination of sea air and vinegary vapours is just too hard to resist for humans and seagulls alike!

History and Culture

Our reputation as a leading history and cultural destination extends beyond cities and landlocked attractions. Explore ruined castles, walk with dinosaurs on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, or observe how Queen Victoria took her staycations at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.

Browse the quirky shops and find a hidden treasure in the narrow pathways of The Lanes in Brighton. Meander along the cobbled streets of St Ives in Cornwall, and take in the galleries of the thriving art scene.

Take Your Pick

The British coast has so much to offer for a holiday. Yes, sunshine is not guaranteed, but remember the quote about there only being unsuitable clothes, not bad weather? A British seaside holiday can be as traditional or diverse as we all are. What do you love about a British seaside holiday?

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