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Make the Most of Your Outside Space This Bank Holiday Weekend

The August bank holiday always seems like the last hurrah of summer. The back-to-school feeling hangs in the air, and there's anticipation for the cooler days ahead.

If the weather stays kind, we want to enjoy it while it lasts. Whether you have a weekend of entertaining or relaxing in the garden, here are some easy decor ideas for making the most of your outside space this bank holiday.

Bring the Indoors Outside

Treating our outside areas as another room or living space remains a popular concept. We're now paying attention to our external decor similar to how we do inside our homes. Think of elements you use in a room to create a sense of homeliness and follow the same principle. It doesn't have to be lavish. You could even re-purpose items or track down pre-loved objects to give them a new lease of life.

If your patio furniture is a little tired, freshen them up with colourful cushions or throws. Hang a picture against a drab wall, or use some attractive garland. Mirrors create the illusion of space in a garden just as they do inside. Rugs are a popular addition to a seating area, and durable options made for outdoor use are available.

Alfresco Dining

We tend to think less about table setting when dining outside. But if you yearn for the romance of a pavement cafe in Sorrento, or a harbourside taverna in Greece, create the bistro effect in your backyard. Think checked tablecloths or nautical-inspired accessories. A pot of aromatic lavender or rosemary on your table will escort you to the Med. Don’t forget the all-important wine cooler.

Go for the Glow

The deciding factor between snuggling up with a blanket under the stars or scurrying inside when it gets too dark could be your external lighting.

Solar lighting offers plenty of choices. Select from fairy lights, decorative lanterns, ornamental freestanding designs, or wall-mounted pieces to create your perfect ambience.

Candles evoke an intimate atmosphere. Choose your favourite scented versions, or opt for insect-repelling aromas such as citronella or peppermint. A fire pit creates a snug glow and will help keep the evening chill at bay.

Remember the Plants

Using pots is a great way to section off a cosy seating area or add foliage to small spaces. The benefit of pot plants is their versatility. Change the positioning, or alternate your display depending on what’s flowering. Use them to create a sensory experience with fragrant flowers and herbs, an explosion of colour or lush tropical greenery.

You can also bring many houseplants outside in the summer. A dose of rainwater does them good too. Just remember to bring them back inside before the frosts start.

We Know What’s Coming

September marches closer. It can still be a beautiful month, offering a final fling as we bathe in the late summer golden light. But we know the season is on borrowed time, so whatever your plans for the bank holiday, enjoy your outside space. We all know what the next bank holiday is!

Our website contains ideas and inspiration for sprucing up outside spaces. Why not take a look?

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