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How To Bring the Coastal Vibe to Your Home

For many of us, being near the sea allows us to press the pause button and embrace a sense of calm. Perhaps it’s the reassuring symphony of waves that captivates us. Maybe it’s the sense of breathing space looking out across the expansive horizon. It could also be serenity in the watery tones of blues and greens inviting us to unwind.

Coastal style decor reflects these calming influences in the home. The good news is that you don’t need to live by the beach or wait until your next holiday to enjoy this style. Adding a few touches can bring an easy-going coastal vibe into your home.

Ocean Calm Colours and Natural Tones

White or light-coloured walls offset perfectly against hues of blue or teal. Pick your favourite shade and use it as an accent. Cushions are a great way to inject a hint of nautical colour and create a relaxed chill-out area. Combining fabrics and patterns will complete the effect by offsetting your chosen colour against more neutral beachy tones.

Rustic Beach Hut Chic

Imagine weathered driftwood and sun-bleached paint. Use this as an opportunity to get creative and personalise your look. Try upscaling some old shelves or a piece of furniture. Aim for a muted tone using either chalk-based or whitewash paint. The best part is that you’re not going for a perfect finish, so you don’t have to be an expert painter. But, if DIY is not your thing, you can discover plenty of pre-made options that achieve this effect.

Include Natural Materials

Placing shells collected on past trips into a glass bowl is a brilliant way to connect to seaside memories and bring the beach into your home.

Wicker baskets are stylish and practical storage solutions for any room.

Invest in a seagrass rug. It's durable and will give a sandy-toned texture to your floor.

Rope is reminiscent of fishing nets or boat rigging. Incorporate it in a clever decorative way or as a nautical-influenced solution to hanging pictures and mirrors.

Nautical-Style Stripes

A smart and classic look. Introduce this element with a striking statement furniture piece, or incorporate the pattern into crockery, tea towels or artwork for a more low-key take on the theme.

Stripes don’t just have to be the characteristic navy and blue. Using the pattern in grey and white on crisp linen epitomises the sophisticated coastal Hamptons style.

Making It Work for You

Bringing the coastal vibe to your home is about creating a relaxed environment inspired by the calming effects the sea can have on us.

You don’t have to stretch to the expense of replacing furniture with new statement pieces. Think about introducing subtle touches that invoke a sense of tranquillity or recollections of joyful summer days by the sea.

Use candles in cool ocean colours with evocative or comforting scents. You could pick your favourite seaside photograph and get it printed on a canvas. Find an item to display that sings of happy beach holiday memories. Choose aspects that speak to you.

Browse our handpicked range of decor and furnishings for inspiration on how to bring a coastal vibe to your home.

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