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I love this bright yellow enamelware range, not only does it feature a beautiful fish motif, it carries the important message "Take Care of the Sea". Made from metal and enamelled, making it tough and virtually unbreakable. Ideal for camping trips, picnics, dining alfresco, or for use in a beach hut or boat.  It is both decorative and functional and has that old maritime feel.


Available in this range are the espresso mug, standard mug, tall mug and tray which is great for carrying mugs of tea and coffee (or for use as a serving platter).


Espresso Mug: Diameter Top 5.5 cm x  Bottom 5.0 cm x Height 5 cm

Standard Mug: Diameter 8 cm x Height 8 cm

Tall Mug: Diameter 8 cm x Height 11.5 cm

Tray: Length 35 cm x Width 13cm x Height 2 cm


SKU: BH2344
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