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Perfect for the coming festive season. Crafted with care and infused with the spirit of Christmas, these festive candles add warmth, joy, and a touch of elegance to your winter nights. Filled with a wax blend and the warming, zesty scent of orange and cinnamon (scent notes; A warm and tangy orange and mandarin scent with hints of spicy cinnamon and aniseed on a base of sweet vanilla.Perfect all year round to soothe the senses).

Handmade in a family run factory in Portugal, each pot is truly unique due to their reactive glaze.


Burn Time: 32

Size: 8cm x 7.7cm



SKU: BH2474
    • Burn Time: 32
    • Size: 8cm x 7.7cm
    • Fragrance: Orange & Cinnamon
    • Fragrance Description: A warm tangy fragrance with hints of spice.
    • Pack Size: 1 per pack
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