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We absolutly love these irresistible ceramic Gluggle jugs and think every home should have one.These charming gluggle jugs really bring life and character to any setting and will be a talking point at meal times. The iconic fish Gluggle Jug by Wade Pottery has a rich history, dating back to the 19th century. Collectable and sought after, fondly named in recognition of the happy 'glugging' sound they make when poured  (the noise is created when air is trapped in the tail during filling). They make a charming centrepiece to a dinner table, adding character, humour, and tradition with functionality.  Also a great ornament for a dresser, or used as a vase, or somewhere to store your kitchen utensils and they make wonderful gifts. Handwash only.


Available in Large or Extra Large and in the following colours: White, Cobalt Blue, Sea Blue, Pale Blue, Turquoise, Dove Grey, Slate Grey.  


Extra Large: 1.3 Litre Capacity / 38 fl oz (5-6 Tumblers) Height approx: 27cm 
Large: 700ml Capacity / 24 fl oz (2-3 Tumblers) Height approx: 22cm



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