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These colourful Hammamas are traditional hand weaved pure cotton towels based on cotton Turkish bath towels and are perfect for the beach or the pool. They absorb water as fast as a normal towel and dry very quickly. Also because they're super compact, Hammamas make a great travel towel. They also double as table cloths, picnic rugs, throw overs... We love the look of them when they are piled high together in the bathroom. Made from pure cotton, Hammamas come pre washed and ready to use.


OUR GIFT TO YOU: FREE WET BAG with every Hammamas ordered! The new cool wet bag is perfect for carrying your dry towel to the beach and your damp towel back.  It will keep the rest of the contents of your bag dry and is useful to store any small belongings whilst you are on the beach or by the pool.Hammamas - perfect for the beach and poolside.

Hammamas Original measures 180cm by 90cm 


SKU: BH1596